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Benefit from our experience!

CHEMTRON was founded in 1988. The company possesses over 40 years experience in the development and manufacture of gas turbine compressor cleaning agents, gas turbine ON-/OFF-line cleaning systems and nozzle systems, combustion additives and industrial cleaning products. In addition, we also carry out chemical-technical cleaning and pickling in power stations, refineries and industrial plants.

The function of the compressor cleaning system is to clean the compressor of the turbine in OFF-LINE use and to hold the maximum compressor power in ON-LINE use.
Due to pollution for example through pollen, subtle particles and aerosol on the blades, the flow crosssection is going to change.
The covering on the blades are acid and following elements are contained in the covering: Si, Ti, Ca, Mg, Al, Iron and Sulphur.
Because of these pollutions, there is a decrease of power.
This is the point where we start with our compressor cleaning system and our detergents.

Our products are used with great success both in Germany and abroad, in:

  • Waste-fired power stations
  • Oil- and coal-fired steam boiler plants
  • Tyre factories
  • Chemical factories
  • Gas turbine power stations
  • Refineries
  • Waste incineration plants